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What Are the Different Types of Fashion Degrees?

What Are the Different Types of Fashion Degrees?
The world of fashion is an extensive one, and the many different types of fashion degrees may seem overwhelming to a student interested in pursuing a career path in the industry. Luckily, it is easy to break down the varying choices, so you can hone in on your particular talents and make the best out of your future career. Different types of fashion degrees exist to help categorize and compartmentalize the fashion industry’s many influential roles, and to allow for students to dive into their specific range of talents. Whether you’re an artist who wishes to design elegant pieces, or a management-savvy entrepreneur looking to join the business side of the industry, a diverse list of majors and degrees exist to compliment your needs.

Fashion Schools in Miami

Strongly cementing their places as stylistic hubs in the U.S over the last few decades, a number of fashion schools in Miami have been established to create the best education for fashion career-seeking students. Among them is the Miami School of Fashion, known formally as Istituto Marangoni Miami, established in 1935. IMM provides students with an array of degrees to choose from, including Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees, and Master’s programs. IMM also provides a strong range of majors to choose from, all catered to specific talents. Here’s a breakdown of each major, their significance within the industry, and potential future career paths.

  • Fashion Design (Bachelor of Arts) - Geared more toward the organic side of the industry, this program trains students savvy in clothing manufacturing, as well as textiles and fabrics. With a basis in sketching and drawing, students are quickly introduced to various advanced techniques and cultural studies within the fashion system. Fashion designer benefits include a full understanding of emerging and current trends, as well as the ability to create their own collections using their knowledge of analyzing materials and fabrics, and final garment construction. This heavy study of trends encourages students to create innovative and contemporary collections that meet the needs of consumers.
  • Fashion Styling (Bachelor of Arts) - Even more so than fashion design, styling takes on a heavier role in the study of industry trends, so students can clearly express their personal visions, and propose new and innovative ideas. Fashion designer vs. fashion stylist differences are greater than they appear, and the latter reflects more heavily on the managerial side of the creative process. Whether it’s leading and organizing a team of designers, or dictating what is showcased in a fashion magazine, a stylist is encouraged to develop original ideas and experiment with a variety of visual outcomes. Future career paths can include fashion PR and media planning, or creating items such as editorials, brand image proposals, advertising campaigns and social media content.
  • Fashion Business (Bachelor of Arts) - This program seeks to handle the business and financial aspects of the fashion industry. It covers a wide range of the main perspectives in fashion business, such as business strategy, marketing, budgeting and finance, communication, branding, retail operations, and global financial management. Students are expected to learn current marketing strategies within a constantly changing industry, making sure to know and establish the values that characterize the identity of a brand or product. What is fashion business management? It’s meeting the demands of the industry, analyzing techniques, understanding the principles of economics and finance, and the role they play in the fashion industry.

Which One Should I Pick?

A general interest in fashion doesn’t mean you must immediately know what career is right for you. If you wish to learn more and hone in on your specific skill sets, download our free program brochure. You can also contact us to schedule an appointment for virtual admissions or a campus tour. Whatever it is you desire in fashion, Istituto Marangoni Miami is here to make it a reality.

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