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Istituto Marangoni Miami x Vogue Brazil Partner to offer Scholarship Program

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Istituto Marangoni Miami x Vogue Brazil Partner to offer Scholarship Program

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Istituto Marangoni Miami x Vogue Brazil Partner to offer Scholarship Program

The prestigious fashion school and iconic publication aim to support emerging

fashion talent who wishes to express their creativity and learn key industry skills.

MIAMI, JUNE 8, 2022 – Istituto Marangoni Miami (IMM) is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Vogue Brazil: The Future of Fashion Scholarship. The esteemed fashion school will partner with the Brazilian outfit of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine, to offer various opportunities to prospective Brazilian students to come and study at Istituto Marangoni Miami. 

Applicants will submit scholarship projects in the areas of Design, Styling, Business, and Interior Design. Ten lucky recipients will receive a special scholarship funding half their tuition, provided by Istituto Marangoni Miami. 

“Mentoring the next generation of creative talent is a priority for me personally and in my leadership role at Istituto Marangoni Miami,” said Istituto Marangoni Miami’s Founder and President, Hakan Baykam, “this partnership with Vogue Brazil and scholarship will open doors for new students to learn the skills necessary to develop successful careers in the demanding and competitive fields of their choice.”

With a highly qualified faculty combining European professors and prominent local professionals, IMM gives participants an unprecedented opportunity for exchange, inspiration, and creativity, working towards a brilliant future in fashion.

Important Dates: 

  • July 29th - Deadline to apply to scholarship opportunity.
  • August 4th - Jury deliberation and selection.

About Vogue Brazil

Vogue Brazil is the largest authority on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle in the country, established as a digital leader across web and social media, as well as a print magazine. Influential, creative, and relevant, the publication is a reference for its refined curatorship. For over a century, VOGUE has been empowering and embracing creativity and handicraft, celebrating fashion, and debating critical issues of each era. Vogue is synonymous with thought-provoking images and intelligent narratives. We are dedicated to supporting talents from all fields. VOGUE looks to the future with optimism, remains global in its vision, remains committed to celebrating different cultures and preserving our planet for future generations. We represent the values of diversity, responsibility, and respect. We do it for people, communities, and the environment.

About Istituto Marangoni Miami

With a highly qualified academic team, combining European instructors and prominent local professionals, Istituto Marangoni offers a variety of fashion marketing courses and fashion graduate programs. The Miami School of Fashion offers students an unprecedented opportunity for innovation, inspiration, and creativity to build a promising future within the fashion and design industry.

About The Miami Fashion Foundation

The Miami Fashion Foundation’s primary purpose is to foster, nurture, develop and promote Miami as a natural choice for the creative industries, focused on fashion, and to establish a creative operation and network in Miami for fashion enterprises and companies of all sizes to flourish and call home.  Generating a highly skilled and networked fashion workforce will draw even more creative design students and professionals to Miami, thus creating a self-sustaining cycle, first through education and skill training, then with networking and mentoring, and finally with the founding of innovative fashion corporations and companies who have open access to industry leaders, resources, and capital.

Media Contact:

Jenny Perez





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