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About Us

A Top Fashion Design School in Miami

With a highly qualified academic team, combining European instructors and prominent local professionals, our design School in Miami offers a variety of fashion marketing courses and fashion graduate programs, including two-year Associate of Applied Science and four-year Bachelor of Fine Art degrees in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, and Fashion Business. We also offer Master of Art Degrees in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management, Digital Communication & Social Media Strategy, and Fashion Innovation & Luxury E-Commerce. We also offer a number of professional short courses throughout the academic year, open to students virtually and in-person. 

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Miami’s Design District

The Design District, one of Miami’s most uplifting areas, has risen to worldwide fame as a prime destination for arts, design, and fashion. Once part of Buena Vista and neighboring Wynwood and the Upper East Side areas, the District is now home to over 130 art galleries, high-profile creative and architectural showrooms, luxury fashion houses, antique dealers, restaurants and cafés.

As part of this young and exciting community, Istituto Marangoni, one of Miami’s top fashion schools, brings its fashion finesse to emerging trend-minded talents who want to express their creativity while learning key industry skills in its 21,900 square-foot building, a Fashion Design School in the heart of the Miami Design District (MDD).

The Miami School of Fashion offers students an unprecedented opportunity for innovation, inspiration, and creativity to build a promising future within the fashion and design industry. 

The fashion school in Florida was carefully designed to meet the specific needs of students, faculty, and staff. Classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technological and audio-visual devices to provide students with an outstanding educational experience.

Academic Team

Istituto Marangoni Miami features different classrooms, including:

  • Design classrooms: Formatted to meet our students’ needs for drawing and design.
  • Pattern-cutting studios: Home of the Fashion Design courses, studios are equipped with sewing machines, irons, and mannequins, among other features to enhance hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Theory classrooms: Face-to-face instructional lectures are offered in an academic environment.
  • Computer labs: Equipped with the finest computer machines and software to provide our students with access to the latest fashion technology.


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Higher Education Administration

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Hakan Baykam

School President

A resourceful entrepreneur with a multi-pronged background, Hakan Baykam boasts an extensive and in-depth career that spans from fashion to design, from education to renewable energies. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1972, he has a solid success story that leverages on his drive to innovate, on his quest to support sustainability, and on his long standing passion for fashion, finely honed over the years.
His latest far-sighted fashion projects are based in Miami, where he opened one of the top ranked fashion Schools in the world, Istituto Marangoni Miami.

By combining the Italian way of teaching, which is very connected to hand-crafting, with the American way of doing business, the School encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset where they feel confident to transform their creative ideas into real, tangible products.

Baykam’s diverse background certainly contributed to his dynamic and sharp business acumen. Rooted in a strong Turkish tradition, at the age of six he moved to Italy. As part of this radical change, his childhood was defined by the challenges of acceptance, diversity and adjusting to a new country, all elements which forged his character and the desire to bond different worlds and cultures, a defining trait of many of his projects and achievements.

Hakan graduated from the prestigious Venice University, where he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters in Communications and Marketing. After his studies, in the late Nineties, Baykam worked for a large spectrum of fashion companies in various key roles, from Marketing to Communications to Sales. They include Benetton Sports System; Levi’s Italy; Marzotto Group’s Marlboro Classics clothing licenses; Miss Sixty Group. 

In the early 2000s, with far-sighted wit he and his brother successfully rode the wave of renewable energies in Italy and other major countries, a budding sector that thrived on new laws and business opportunities. 

In Miami, Hakan brought his passion for sustainability into fashion by incorporation a strong concept of Sustainable Fashion into the School’s curricular program.

“I see Miami as one of the most dynamic and culturally enriched cities in the world; I have all the elements to make it the next fashion mecca. Industry leaders and investors are moving to Miami from NYC and LA because they see the potential the city has to offer. Miami has led the way in both architecture and art, and is quickly becoming a major player in the fashion market. Over the next decade, I think the Miami style scene will definitely be affected by powerful influential people, some of which could be graduates from our School.
” – Hakan Baykam.

Fashion marketing courses

Stephen Iacullo

School Director 

For over 22 years, Mr. Iacullo has been a proponent for education for many acclaimed colleges and universities. Mr. Iacullo has been a COO, President, Regional Campus President, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing and other titles. He strives for placing students first and to promote fashion education at the highest level in the United States.

Mr. Iacullo’s passion is to help change students’ lives as he understands the power of education. In his 22 years, he has helped thousands of students obtain their dreams and goals. Mr. Iacullo graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Illinois State University and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Mission and Goals

To excel as a Fashion Design School and a center of professional and creative learning in the Fashion, Art and Design industries and to sustain international industries by developing talented Istituto Marangoni Miami students from all over the world.

We strive to achieve this mission by:

  • Offering an extensive and detailed educational portfolio.
  • Achieving the academic standards with modern and dynamic curricula focused on results.
  • Integrating the spirit of ‘Italianess’ into the experience of students on a daily basis through both curricula and the school experience.
  • Celebrating the global and multicultural reach of Italian culture through Fashion, Art and Design.
  • Supporting and developing the potential of our teaching and administrative staff, by means of constant and punctual training.
  • Placing Istituto Marangoni at the center of the Fashion, Art and Design cultures.
  • Further strengthening historical and recent connections with the most important companies and personalities in the luxury Fashion, Art and Design market.”
Professional fashion portfolio


Istituto Marangoni Miami’s vision is to always be at the center of style, to drive students’ ambitions and dreams through creativity and innovation, to support creative industries worldwide, and to provide a solid and cross-disciplinary approach to education, research and business solutions in the world of Fashion, Design, and Art.


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Istituto Marangoni Miami is to provide educational programs to students taught by professionals who are passionate about their work and who are willing to share their expertise, teaching and guiding young talents in the fashion, design and creative industries. Educational programs that encompass the essence of fashion and design is the core expression of Istituto Marangoni Miami.

Where theory is taught alongside practice, students will learn that creativity is a gift to be continuously nurtured and stimulated, with both passion and dedication. It is the same passion for the world of fashion and design with which our instructors teach. Istituto Marangoni Miami’s programs are designed to respond to the needs of the industry today and are constantly monitored to ensure our curriculum coincides with those industry-based standards.

Ownership/Legal Control

Istituto Marangoni Miami is owned by Istituto Marangoni Miami, Inc.
Istituto Marangoni Miami Inc. is a for profit corporation in the State of Florida.

A Board of Directors controls the Istituto Marangoni Miami Inc.


The school is licensed by the Florida, but currently not accredited.

Number of Employees - 60

Istituto Marangoni Miami and its 60 employees are dedicated to the education of each of its students and in maintaining creativity and individuality throughout the campus. With a small staff and even smaller class sizes, the school of fashion, art & design focuses on intimate settings to better cater to the needs of students and ensure their success. The school’s close-knit environment encourages solid connections with the faculty and other fellow peers that’ll continue beyond a student's time at Marangoni Miami.

Opening of the school - 2018

The opening of the Miami campus in 2018 established the inauguration of Marangoni in the Americas. Marangoni has upheld its authenticity to provide students with the same experience regardless of location with its four essential pillars: Italianness, exclusive locations, international profile, and professional teachers. The school maintains the vital Marangoni DNA to provide the same genuine European feel – but with a twist, as it’s located at the center of the eccentric city of Miami surrounded by international people and culture.

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