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Istituto Marangoni Miami has offered me incredible support and innumerable experiences since the first day I started my Associates’s program in Fashion Styling.

Candela Ledesma, Bachelor of Fashion Business
Maria Jose Duque

Marangoni has given me access to amazing teachers, industry leaders, great opportunities, and has encouraged me to better my leadership and business skills.

Maria Jose Duque, BFA in Fashion Business

When I step into the Marangoni Miami campus, I walk into the best international craftsmanship and creativity space. I learned and experienced through my teachers and mentors the importance of being the best at my craft and creativity through hard work, passion, fun, and professionalism.

Betty Leguisamon, BFA in Fashion Design

Marangoni has given me support since day one and they have been providing me with real life experiences and this has given me opportunities in the industry. Because of the projects I’ve been involved in during school, I see myself doing bigger projects and growing and helping other people.

Federica Sprecace, BFA in Fashion Styling

My experience at Marangoni has given me a completely different outlook towards the international fashion industry.

Barbara Haddad, Fashion Business

From the day I stepped into Marangoni Miami, I felt at home. The skills, concepts, and mentorship I gained from Marangoni made it possible for me to win Project Runway 17 in 2019.

Sebastian Grey, MA in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

When I decided to study at Marangoni Miami, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, and the program helped me fine-tune it until I was ready to launch my own swimwear brand.

Clark Rosen, MA in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

Marangoni is one of the best fashion schools in the world, and when they opened their first school in the city where I was living, it was clear that I had to enroll. Fortunately, they had the exact program that I needed, but I would’ve studied anything just to be in this school.

Sofia Agostini, MA in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

Studying at Marangoni was a dream for me, and being able to make it a reality was amazing. I want to study fashion design in college, and this program has helped me realize how I can use my creativity to create very inspiring and cool things.

Valeria Gutierrez, My Fashion Experience Summer Camp