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At Istituto Marangoni Miami, we understand that financing your education can be a concern for many students. That’s why we offer internal grants to provide additional support for those who demonstrate financial need.

Unlike scholarships, these student grants are need-based rather than merit-based, meaning they are awarded based on your individual financial assistance. If you qualify for an internal grant, you won’t have to repay the funds, making them a valuable resource for managing the cost of your education. These grants are awarded at the beginning of your first semester and are renewable for each subsequent semester, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and adhere to any specified conditions.

Our goal is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to pursue their education without student funding barriers, and our internal grants are one way we’re committed to making that possible.


At Istituto Marangoni Miami, accessing our internal grants is a straightforward process designed to provide financial assistance to those in need. To apply for these grants, students must first apply to their program of choice and turn in all their admissions documents, including their financial declaration form.

After this, students must schedule a finance call with one of our financial advisors to review their application and see if any education grants can be given. Our dedicated finance team carefully reviews each application and allocates grants based on demonstrated financial need.

If you would like more information about our application process and our programs, please feel free to contact our admissions office or schedule a meeting to be one step closer to your fashion and design dreams.


Internal grants at Istituto Marangoni Miami are need-based financial assistance programs available to students entering the school in their first semester. These grants are renewable for every semester the student remains enrolled at the institution, provided that the student continues to meet the eligibility criteria and complies with the conditions set forth by the internal awards program.

Unlike scholarships, which are often merit-based, internal grants focus on alleviating financial barriers to education by supporting students with demonstrated financial need. Eligibility for internal grants is determined through a thorough assessment of each student’s financial circumstances, ensuring that those in need receive the support necessary to pursue their academic goals. We are committed to supporting you in your journey towards academic success.