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Where can I get information?
For more information please visit our website istitutomarangonimiami.com
Do you have online courses?
Yes, we offer a variety of online fashion courses. Please visit our website istitutomarangonimiami.com
How long is the application process?
All applicants will be informed within 15 working days after submitting all documents required for admissions whether their application has been accepted.
What documents do I need for the application?
Interested applicants can find all the requirements here – https://www.istitutomarangonimiami.com/admissions
Do you offer scholarships?
Yes, Istituto Marangoni offers a number of Scholarships for its Undergraduate and Master’s courses to the best young talents. Please visit our scholarships page for more info https://www.istitutomarangonimiami.com/tuition-and-scholarship/
Are Miami workshops online as well?
Workshops are usually offered in person. We do however offer monthly Masterclasses via Zoom! Join our mailing list to receive invitations!
When is my Atelier Experience/Youth Program happening?
My Atelier Experience starts in September. For more info, visit: https://www.istitutomarangonimiami.com/pre-college-courses/my-atelier-experience
Is Istituto Marangoni Miami an accredited college?
The school is licensed by Florida, but currently not accredited.
Do you have Spanish classes?
We only have one course in Spanish: Emprendimiento y Liderazgo de Negocios de Moda.
Do you offer any programs other than a Masters/Bachelors degree program?
Yes, we offer continuing education programs, as well as youth programs!
Is Istituto Marangoni Miami just a two-year college?
No, Istituto Marangoni Miami offers two-year Associate, four-year Undergraduate and 16 month Master’s degrees, with a focus on fashion design, styling, business and brand management.
Do I need to submit a portfolio?
Students may submit a portfolio or samples of work; however, these are optional. Students applying for scholarships will need to submit a scholarship project similar to a portfolio to showcase their work.
When should I submit my portfolio?
Depending on the desired program, each portfolio deadline is different, visit https://www.istitutomarangonimiami.com/admissions to see application process requirements.
Are interviews required? What is the topic of my essay?
Yes – all students must complete an in-person or video interview, and complete a personal statement essay in 500 words or less as to what attending Istituto Marangoni Miami would mean for them and their future career in the fashion industry.
How many letters of recommendation are required for admission?
At this time, letters of recommendations are not required.
Is there a different application for international students?
Please contact us directly, to find out more about the international students application.
If I am coming from another college, how do I know which credits will transfer?
Istituto Marangoni Miami will review your transcripts during the admissions process and be able to tell you what credits will transfer into our program.
Can I apply directly to a bachelor’s degree program at IMM?
Yes, you can! We have both associate and bachelor’s programs available.
If I am transferring from another college, how long will it take me to earn a degree at IM?
Credits are transferred on a case by case basis, and what career program you choose to study.
Can I change majors once I have started?
Yes, this is possible!
If I take courses as a non-degree student, will the credits count if I apply and get accepted to a degree program?
Yes, credits can apply towards a degree if these are related to the same program. To see if your credits are accepted, reach out to speak with an admissions counselor.
Are there student dorms?
Unfortunately, at this time IM Miami does not have on campus student housing. Our Student Service office does help with connecting prospective students so they can find roommates and realtors.
Do you have to know how to sew to get into fashion school?
No you don’t. We’ll teach you everything here!
How do I check the status of my application?
After submitting an application, you’ll receive a call from one of our Application Managers who will give you an outline of all documents necessary for admissions. They will be there every step of the way to make sure your application and supporting documents are completed correctly.
When can I visit campus? Can I meet with someone?
Visit https://www.istitutomarangonimiami.com/contact-us/ to schedule your campus tour.
Minimum age to attend Istituto Marangoni Miami?
To attend our youth program, applicants must be at least 15 years old.
What is the acceptance rate for the Miami school?
Our current acceptance rate at The Miami School of Fashion & Design ranges between 55% and 65% per semester.
What GPA do I need to be admitted to Istituto Marangoni Miami?
All applicants are looked at holistically. Meanwhile GPA is important; we also look at students’ portfolios, their answers during the admissions interview, personal statement essay, and high school rank and rigor before making a decision.
Do I need to choose a major before I apply?
You do need to choose a major when you apply, but this can be changed during the admissions process and up to 60 days before class starts.
Are SAT/ACT scores required?
Meanwhile SAT/ACT Scores are not a requirement, it can be used to strengthen an application.
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