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Degree Programs Tuition and Scholarship

Explore our extensive range of degree programs and discover detailed information about tuition fees and the various scholarships available to support you in achieving your academic goals at Istituto Marangoni Miami. We are committed to providing transparency and support throughout your educational journey, ensuring you have the resources and guidance needed to make informed decisions about your future.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you in navigating the financial aspects of your education, from understanding tuition costs to exploring scholarship opportunities and other finance options. Learn more by reading our comprehensive breakdown of tuition fees, available scholarships, and flexible payment plans designed to make your dream education accessible and attainable.

Vocational Programs Tuition and Scholarships

Our Vocational Programs offer an accelerated education designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the fashion and design industry. These intensive programs are tailored to provide hands-on experience and practical training, allowing students to gain industry-relevant expertise in a short amount of time. Throughout the Vocational Programs, students can graduate in just one year, making it an efficient pathway to entering the workforce.

To learn more about the investment required for our Vocational Programs make sure you visit the Vocational Programs Tuition page or contact finance@immiami.com in where our finance team can help you answer all your questions. We are dedicated to supporting our students by offering various payment options to make education more accessible. Explore our detailed information on program costs and how our Vocational Programs can help you achieve your professional goals in the fashion and design industry.

Pre-College Tuition

When getting ready to apply to a Fashion and Design School, it is highly recommended that students immerse themselves in the industry before beginning their higher education studies. Gaining early exposure to the field can provide valuable insights, practical skills, and a solid foundation that will greatly benefit future academic and professional pursuits. Planning a pre-college experience with Istituto Marangoni Miami not only gives you a valuable head start but also strengthens your college application, making it more competitive.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to interact with experienced faculty, industry professionals, and like-minded peers, fostering a collaborative and inspiring learning environment. The Pre-College experience at Istituto Marangoni Miami also includes visits to fashion houses, design studios, and industry events, providing real-world exposure and networking opportunities that are invaluable for aspiring fashion designers.

Learn more about the cost of our Pre-College courses, the comprehensive curriculum, and the unique opportunities these programs provide. Begin your fashion dream today with Istituto Marangoni Miami, and take the first step towards a successful career in the fashion and design industry. Our team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision about your pre-college education. Don’t miss this chance to gain a competitive edge and start your journey in the exciting world of fashion.

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At Istituto Marangoni Miami, our commitment to fostering education extends to our provision of need-based internal grants to undergraduate students. Renowned for our dedication to nurturing creativity and innovation in the fields of fashion and design, we firmly believe that access to quality education should not be limited by financial circumstances. Unlike scholarships, these grants focus on providing financial assistance, ensuring that economic barriers do not hinder talent and passion. These grants are renewable each semester, provided that students continue to meet the necessary eligibility criteria, enabling ongoing support for those pursuing their dreams within our vibrant academic community.

Ensuring that aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to flourish academically and professionally is at the core of our mission. By offering need-based grants, we strive to create a more equitable landscape within the fields of fashion and design education, breaking down financial barriers that may otherwise impede talent and potential. Through this commitment, we aim to cultivate a dynamic learning environment where creativity knows no bounds and where individuals can thrive, regardless of their financial situation.



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Veteran Affairs

At Istituto Marangoni Miami, we deeply value and honor the dedication and contributions of our veterans. We understand the unique experiences and skills that veterans bring to our community, and we are committed to supporting their transition into academic life and the fashion industry. To create an inclusive and supportive environment for veterans, we offer specialized support programs tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our programs include comprehensive financial assistance options, helping to alleviate the cost of education and make it more accessible. We provide personalized academic advising to guide veterans through their educational journey, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to excel in their studies. Career counseling services are available to help veterans translate their military experience into valuable skills for the fashion industry, offering guidance on career paths, resume building, and job search strategies.

Additionally, we facilitate networking opportunities with industry professionals, alumni, and fellow veterans, fostering connections that can lead to internships, job placements, and collaborations. Our goal is to assist veterans in establishing a successful future in the fashion industry and beyond, empowering them to achieve their academic and professional aspirations.

At Istituto Marangoni Miami, we are dedicated to providing veterans with the tools, support, and opportunities they need to thrive in their new career paths. We are here to help every step of the way, from enrollment to graduation and into their professional lives, ensuring that their transition is as smooth and rewarding as possible.

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Being prepared prior to your application is a very important factor in ensuring a smooth and successful admissions process. At Istituto Marangoni Miami, we have a meticulous admissions process designed to help students feel confident in their decision when applying to our school and potentially joining the IMM community. We understand that choosing the right school is a significant decision, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our admissions team is dedicated to providing comprehensive information and guidance to prospective students. We encourage you to explore the various programs we offer, understand the unique opportunities available, and consider how IMM can help you achieve your academic and career goals. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to learn about the financial aspects of your education as well. If you want to learn more about the tuition and scholarship opportunities at Istituto Marangoni Miami, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable representatives.

Our office hours are during weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. During your appointment, our representatives will gladly assist you with detailed information on tuition fees, available scholarships, and other financial aid options. They can also provide insights into our programs, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the application process.

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How much is an Associate in Applied Science degree at Istituto Marangoni Miami?
An Associate’s in Applied Science at Istituto Marangoni Miami has a total cost of $80,600 USD, including school fees.
How much is a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Istituto Marangoni Miami?
A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Istituto Marangoni Miami has a total cost of $160,700 USD, including school fees.
How much is a Master’s degree at Istituto Marangoni Miami?
A Master of Arts On Campus at Istituto Marangoni Miami has a total cost of $53,120 USD. A Master of Arts Online has a total cost of $37,450 USD. A Master of Fine Arts has a total cost of $105,740.
How much is a Vocational Program at Istituto Marangoni Miami?
The One Year Vocational Programs at Istituto Marangoni Miami has a total cost of $40,800 USD. An 11-Week level course at Istituto Marangoni Miami has a total cost of $12,600 USD.
How much is a Pre-College program at Istituto Marangoni Miami?
The Summer Camp Experience at Istituto Marangoni Miami has a total cost of $2,500 USD. My Portfolio Experience has a cost of $500 USD for Level 1 and $750 USD for Level 2.
Does Istituto Marangoni Miami accept Financial Aid?
Istituto Marangoni Miami does not accept financial aid at the moment. Other payment options and scholarships are available.
Does Istituto Marangoni Miami have scholarships?
Istituto Marangoni Miami has partial scholarships available for all applicants and current students.
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