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The ‘Miami Fashion Movement’ is a dynamic initiative encapsulating the remarkable journey Istituto Marangoni Miami’s fashion design and styling students undertake. These talented individuals are at the forefront of the fashion world as they participate in prestigious Fashion Weeks across the Americas, including New York, Miami, Palm Springs, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Guatemala.

Through this extraordinary experience, our fashion design students learn how to launch a collection, from crafting mood boards to presenting their designs on the runway. Moreover, they have the invaluable opportunity to connect and network with industry professionals from around the globe, forging connections that can shape their future careers.

In parallel, our fashion styling students collaborate closely with these emerging fashion design professionals, ensuring that both outfits and models are runway-ready for these grand showcases. The ‘Miami Fashion Movement’ is a testament to our commitment to providing hands-on experiences and industry exposure that prepare our students for success in the ever-evolving world of fashion.


The Paraiso Swim Upcycle Challenge Fashion Show in Miami, Florida is a vibrant event highlighting sustainability in the fashion industry. It offers a platform for students to display their creativity by repurposing deadstock fabrics donated by international swimwear and active brands. This unique challenge fosters innovation and raises awareness about the environmental impact of fashion production and consumption.

Talented participants in the Upcycle Challenge included CamilaBalleste, Chenqi Jiang, Barbara Khouri, Anabel Montiel, FabianaPolito, and Laure Sawaya. These students pushed the boundaries of design while promoting sustainability, collaborating to transform discarded materials into stunning swimwear pieces infused with their unique artistic vision and style.

Guiding the students through this transformative process were established swimwear brands such as Vitamin A, Riot Swim, and Tropic of C. These industry mentors provided invaluable support and guidance, offering insights into design techniques, material selection, and sustainability practices. Their mentorship elevated the quality of the students’ designs and imparted valuable knowledge and skills.

The Paraiso Swim Upcycle Challenge Fashion Show showcased the students’ creations. From bold prints to intricate detailing, each design highlighted the students’ talent and dedication to sustainability. The audience was reminded of the importance of reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly practices in fashion as they marveled at the innovative designs gracing the runway.


Istituto Marangoni Miami students have been an integral part ofNew York Fashion Week, often assisting backstage. But during NYFW 2023, they made history with a remarkable partnership with Sprayground, a renowned New York brand, marking a pivotal moment for the institution.

This groundbreaking collaboration at NYFW provided a stage for the finalists of a design competition, showcasing collections from Taneika Gibson, Ryan Hamilton, Veronica Lam, Vanessa Lubeigt, andVictoria Sarmiento—students from the fashion design program.

The opportunity to present their designs at the prestigious NYFWrunway at Fotografiska Museum NYC was a dream realized for the select fashion students. Months of dedication, creativity, and hard work had gone into creating collections set to leave a lasting impression on the global fashion stage.

As the students prepared for New York, anticipation and excitement ran high. This was not just a chance to showcase their designs; it was an opportunity to represent Istituto Marangoni Miami and demonstrate the talent and innovation nurtured within its walls.

On the day of the runway show at NYFW, the students’ collections stole the spotlight, reflecting their unique vision and aesthetic. From bold prints to avant-garde silhouettes, the design captivated the audience and earned praise from industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts.

The collaboration with Sprayground not only provided a platform for the students to showcase their creativity but also opened doors to new opportunities and connections within the fashion industry. It was a moment of validation for their hard work and dedication, affirming their potential to make a meaningful impact in the world of fashion.


Istituto Marangoni Miami made history at El Paseo Fashion Week inPalm Springs. Over ten designers and stylists from the school presented their remarkable talent at the institute’s longest fashion show ever. The accomplished lineup included Taneika Gibson, Victoria Sarmiento, Vanessa Lugbeigt, Sofia Lemann, and many others. Their unique collections showcased their exceptional dedication to fashion and creativity.

The styling team, led by Alejandra Dugand, Mia Castro, and others, flawlessly curated looks that complemented the designs. Additionally, alumni Isabella Valles and Nicole Betancourt made a triumphant return to the runway, adding sophistication and artistry.

This collaborative effort showcases Istituto Marangoni Miami’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and pushing creative boundaries. This momentous event embodies the innovative spirit of the fashion community at the school.


Istituto Marangoni Miami contributes significantly to shaping the future of the fashion industry by acknowledging the importance of young creatives in driving progress. With a focus on the global fashion landscape, the institute is committed to supporting emerging talents positioned to make a sustained impact on the world stage.

One way through which this commitment is showcased is through Costa Rica Fashion Week, providing Istituto Marangoni Miami students with the chance to engage in the dynamic environment of runway shows. This event acts as a platform for budding designers to display their creativity and skill to a global audience, nurturing their development.

For individuals such as Simon Santrich, Paloma Balvin, Maria Jose Vergara, Alexia Barbosa, and Hamie Avadis, the Costa Rica Fashion Week signifies a pivotal point in their fashion careers. It presents an opportunity for them to introduce their debut collections to fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and potential collaborators.

Besides the exposure on the runway, Costa Rica Fashion Week facilitates valuable connections between professionals from Instituto Marangoni Miami and local talents. Through workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs, these seasoned professionals share invaluable insights and guidance, nurturing the upcoming generation of fashion leaders and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.


The Miami Fashion Movement tour offers students much more than just the chance to display their collections on global runways. It also provides an immersive educational experience that enhances their understanding of the international fashion market and nurtures essential industry connections. This holistic approach ensures that students acquire first-hand knowledge of diverse fashion landscapes while positioning themselves as innovative designers on a global platform.

Several distinguished students recently took part in Panama Fashion Week (PFW), including Camila Balleste, Anabel Montiel, Paloma Balvin, Matilde Vasquez, and Amelie Oñate. Each of these talented individuals brought their distinct vision and creativity to the runway, presenting collections that not only reflected their personal styles but also aligned with current fashion trends and cultural influences.

Participating in PFW enabled these IMM students to underscore the importance of the international fashion market. It allowed them to interact with a wider audience, gaining exposure to various market demands and consumer preferences. This experience is invaluable for emerging designers as it helps them tailor their designs to meet global standards and trends.

Furthermore, the tour prioritizes the significance of forging inclusive industry connections worldwide. By engaging with designers, buyers, fashion critics, and influencers from diverse backgrounds, the students expand their professional networks and unlock avenues for future collaborations and opportunities. These interactions are crucial for their development, providing insights into different aspects of the fashion industry and enabling them to learn from diverse perspectives.

Displaying their collections at Panama Fashion Week was a pivotal moment for Camila, Anabel, Paloma, Matilde, and Amelie. It demonstrated their capacity to craft compelling fashion narratives that resonate globally.


Istituto Marangoni Miami’s Miami Fashion Movement Tour marked a thrilling visit to Santo Domingo for the Dominican Republic Fashion Week. This offered IMM fashion students a wonderful chance to collaborate with local talents and present their designs on an international platform. The event was an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the dynamic fashion culture of the Dominican Republic, gaining valuable experience and exposure.

Students Paloma Balvin, Nicole Leave, and Belkys Costa showcased their unique vision and creativity on the runway, collaborating closely with local designers and industry professionals. This collaboration not only enriched their understanding of diverse fashion aesthetics but also emphasized the significance of cultural exchange in the fashion industry. By blending their innovative designs with the rich, local traditions and contemporary trends of the Dominican Republic, the students created collections that resonated with both local and international audiences.

These opportunities allow our students to take immense pride in their work and capabilities. Displaying their collections on such a prominent platform enabled them to gain confidence and recognition, reinforcing their potential as emerging designers. It also provided them with practical insights into the logistics and demands of preparing for a major fashion show, from conceptualization and design to execution and presentation.

Participating in the Dominican Republic Fashion Week not only showcased the talents of Paloma, Nicole, and Belkys but also underscored Istituto Marangoni Miami’s commitment to fostering global industry connections and providing its students with unparalleled opportunities for professional growth. By stepping onto international runways, these students demonstrated their readiness to make significant contributions to the global fashion landscape.


Guatemala Fashion Week revolutionized the traditional catwalk by showcasing student designs in the captivating backdrop of the Tag Airlines Hangar. This innovative location offered a striking contrast to typical fashion show venues, enhancing the event’s aesthetic appeal and adding a unique dimension to the collections’ presentation. The showcasing students included Amelie Oñate, Paloma Balvin, Camila Balleste, Adrian Bonvecchio, Bettina Mattei, and Michael Acierno.

The students embraced the challenge of presenting their designs in an environment that pushed the boundaries of fashion. The unconventional setting inspired adaptability and resilience, encouraging the students to explore new creative possibilities and resulting in visually stunning collections reflecting personal growth and innovation.

The Tag Airlines Hangar’s spacious, industrial charm complemented the avant-garde nature of the students’ designs. The unique location allowed them to experiment with scale, movement, and presentation techniques, creating a powerful visual narrative that captivated the audience.

Participating in Guatemala Fashion Week was a transformative experience, empowering students to expand their horizons and showcase their ability to adapt to diverse and challenging environments. This event underscored the importance of versatility and innovation in the fashion industry.

By displaying their work at such a prestigious event, the students gained significant exposure and left a memorable impact on the world of fashion and design. Their participation showcased the high caliber of talent nurtured at Istituto Marangoni Miami and the school’s commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for professional and personal development.


IMM’s ‘The Miami Fashion Movement Tour’ had a significant stop in Buenos Aires for Argentina Fashion Week, providing a valuable opportunity for our fashion students to showcase their collections on an international stage. The event was a crucial learning experience, with professors guiding the students every step of the way to refine and prepare their designs for the runway, ultimately enhancing their skills and confidence.

Participating in International Fashion Week gave students a platform to display their work to a wider audience, beyond their local market. This exposure is vital for budding designers, enabling them to receive feedback from industry experts and potentially connect with buyers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Moreover, the event facilitated the creation of international connections, offering students opportunities for collaborations, internships, and future careers.

The students—Camila Balleste, Matilde Vasquez, Anabel Galuppo, Amelie Oñate, and Maria Cacciatore—brought diverse perspectives and creative visions to the runway, highlighting the depth of talent nurtured at IMM. Their participation underscored the institute’s commitment to providing students with global exposure and real-world experiences essential for their professional growth.

By presenting their collections in Buenos Aires, these students not only gained international recognition but also enriched their understanding of the global fashion market, broadening their horizons and enhancing their adaptability for the future.