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Summer Fashion Trends 2021: What You Need To Know

Summer Fashion Trends 2021: What You Need To Know
Warmer weather is finally here, and with it comes all the expected fashion changes heralded by the summer. To fully discuss the upcoming summer fashion trends for 2021, it’s imperative to understand the main themes for this year, which include an emphasis on sustainability and getting back to the “human” aspect of fashion. This means less extravagant and more classic with the desire to help the planet. Naturally, this leads to supporting local designers and retailers. Fashion and sustainability haven’t always been friends, but with the increase in consumer awareness and industry innovations, we predict we’re going to see more sustainable fashion in the future.

Star Pieces For Summer Streetwear 2021

With a focus on sustainability, here’s a look at what’s trending this summer.

  • Dresses

Long dresses are huge in current summer trends. Pick a bohemian style or go for long baby doll-style dresses to look fashionable. For nostalgic looks, opt for a smocked dress.

  • Jackets

Bomber and timeless denim jackets are gaining popularity. Both are gender-friendly, and great for a classy and cool look.

  • Jeans, Pants, and Shorts

Low-rise jeans and baggy pants are very in style. The wardrobe is now focusing on a retro vibe. With details of the 1970s, denim shorts are also emerging.

  • Tops

This summer is all about the simple classics, so feel free to opt in for a simple white or striped T-shirt.

Shoes For Summer 2021

To achieve a perfect look trendy shoes are essential too. Here’s a look at some more trending looks. 

  • Timeless Pieces

You can expect to see clogs, loafers, and ballet flats this summer. These shoes enhance your overall classy looks.

  • Sandals

Fisherman sandals and flat sandals are on trend and very classical styles.

  • Sneakers

For a cool and refined look, sneakers are in trend. Pair with jeans and shorts for a casual feel.

Accessories To Upgrade Your Summer Looks

As shoes complete your looks, accessories enhance your style. Here are some suggested accessories to really pull together your summer look.

  • Hats

In a sun-drenched summer, opt for gold straw style hats. Plus, gold straw gives a nostalgic vibe that makes your look more enchanting.  

  • Sunglasses

You can go big with tinted aviators and metal frames or opt for XXS soft oval sunglasses. Either way, you’ll pull together a stylish look.   

  • Bags

Basket bags, hobo bags, and messenger bags with simple yet attractive designs are the go-to accessory this summer.  

Prints And Colors For Summer 2021

This year’s summer trends in fashion are focused on lighter shades and colors, which symbolize coolness and freshness. Looking for the best fashion schools in Miami, Florida? If you love creating styles any time of the year, our fashion school is one of the best Miami design schools offering courses taught by qualified professionals. For more information, browse our courses. 

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