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One-Year Fashion Design Program at Istituto Marangoni Miami

Participating in the one-year fashion design program at Istituto Marangoni Miami allows students to finish at an accelerated pace and jump into a successful future in the fashion industry. Marangoni Miami fashion design students are prepared with the key skills and techniques to flourish in the world of fashion and develop innovative ideas and individual styles. Students are provided with a hands-on education while in the program to better nurture their ideas to life through personal collections and establish experience to use for future opportunities in the industry. With various levels, the fashion design classes move students forward starting from introduction lessons to more advanced ideas and techniques in the interval of one year.

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Why Should I Attend the One-Year Fashion Design Program at Istituto Marangoni Miami?

The goal of the fashion design courses at Istituto Marangoni Miami is to grant students with a comprehensive understanding of the key techniques and skills in order to create menswear or womenswear all within the ever-changing needs, trends, and influences of the fashion and luxury world. Students will receive a diploma proving their completion at the end of the program. The fashion design one-year program also opens the door to network with other students and faculty, plus collaborate and develop projects with top name brands.

How Will I Learn in the One-Year Fashion Design Program?

Ranging in four different levels, the fashion design one-year program offers introductory concepts and gradually advances into more experienced topics. The fashion design courses are arranged in a series of four course levels that span over 12 weeks each in order to cater a flexible learning experience for students based on personal progress, achievement, and knowledge. The class sizes in these courses are limited to a maximum of 15 students for more intimate and personalized teaching methods.

Structure of Fashion Design One-Year Program

Consisting of inspiring creative ideas from new trends both in clothing and fabric development, the fashion design classes create an understanding of design, art, fashion and the role of creativity among it all while applying the knowledge of materials and fabrics. In preparation for future professional settings, our courses under fashion designing cover a wide umbrella of ideas from introductory lectures to advanced techniques. Level 1: Fashion Design & Illustration Overview of fashion sketching, drawing techniques, basics of pattern cutting, and the principles of art and dress in history. Students will discover the fundamental foundation for designing fashion and understanding the designing skills used today. Level 2: Fashion Design Collection Develop skills to design fashion collections based on the influence of art and culture and analysis of body proportion, plus concepts like types of fabrics, garment construction, and marketing of ideas. Level 3: Cut and Construction Apply progressively-gained knowledge to explore own design and collections plus investigate contemporary visual aesthetics for the market trends. Students will present skills of 3D construction, silhouette development, fabric finishing such as printing and dying to excel in their professional approaches to fashion design. Level 4: Final Design Create a collection based on fashion analysis, apply pattern cutting skills to construct garments, recognize the qualities of fabrics and materials to achieve textile solutions. Students will also assemble a personal portfolio for the industry.

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Potential Careers with the One-Year Fashion Design Program

The One-Year fashion design program allows students to learn fashion in the roles of both creativity and business perspectives through researching trends and influences of the fashion and luxury industries, plus the role of creativity based on an understanding of art, fashion, and design. Combining the vital skills that are needed to be successful, the fashion design classes can branch into the following roles:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Pattern Maker
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Costume Designer

How Can I Apply for the One-Year Fashion Design Program?

Submit your application before the deadline of the start date you’d like to enroll in – January, April, July, or October – to start the process of becoming a student in the one-year fashion design program at Istituto Marangoni Miami.


To fill out your application, please make sure to select “Progressive Level Courses” from the program drop-down list if you wish to individually complete each level. From the list of courses, select the intended fashion design course level starting from level 1 and advancing up to level 4. The start dates offered are presented in the next step, from there choose the date that best aligns with your schedule. To complete all four courses together, select “One-Year Accelerated Courses” from the drop-down menu when filling out the online application. From there, just select your subject of interest and the desired program start date.


The cost of the Fashion Design One-Year Program is $9,500 USD per level. In total, all four levels are priced at $38,000 USD. The rate includes a non-refundable registration fee. By registering online before the deadline, $1,000 USD is deducted from the total price. A payment plan can be organized, but the remaining amount should be fully paid 60 days prior to the course start date.


To complete your registration the following documents are needed:

  • Copy of your ID (Driver’s License or Passport)
  • Resume (CV)


If you require a student visa, the following documents are needed to issue your M1 student visa:

  • Copy of Passport
  • International address
  • Bank extract with at least double the amount of the program cost

If the submitted bank extract belongs to a family member, a sponsor letter is needed from the bank stating financial responsibility for the student during their time enrolled at Marangoni. Once the visa documents have been submitted and an M1 student visa form has been received, you must complete the following steps to issue the visa:

  • Make an appointment with the embassy
  • Pay the I-901 fee and take the receipt to the embassy
  • Go to your appointment - the M1 Student Visa will either be accepted or denied

Note: If you are applying as an international student, you are required to take an English test. There is a maximum of two free attempts for a passing score, afterwards the program will require payment for additional attempts. The English test results should be emailed to the representative who has been or will be in contact with you.


Fashion Design Courses Price

Programs Total Per Level - In Person
Fashion Design Courses $9500

The cost of the courses includes a non-refundable registration fee. $1,000 will be reduced from the full price if the online application is completed by the deadline date. A payment plan can be arranged, but the remaining amount should be paid in full 60 days prior to the chosen course start date.




This course starts with an overview of sketching and drawing techniques for fashion. Participants are also introduced to pattern cutting basics, and the principles of art and dress in history, necessary for design research and to cultivate a creative vision. Participants discover the fundamental ‘base’ to designing for fashion, understanding skills that designers use today.

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– 12 weeks



In this unit students will explore their own design and collections, applying know-how and knowledge progressively gained. They will investigate the contemporary visual aesthetics to achieve a sensibility to trends and the market. Students will demonstrate skills of 3D construction and silhouette development. Defining a variety of fabric finishing, such as printing and dying, students will move forward in their professional approach as designers. Students are able to draw parallels between artistic movements and the history of dress from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century and be able to interpret them in a contemporary way.   

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In this course, participants are encouraged to develop skills in order to design fashion collections, based on an informed analysis of body proportion, the influences of art and culture on design, as well as exploring fabrics, garment construction, and the marketing of ideas in collection design.


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– 12 weeks



Students will work on their final project to create a collection based on a contemporary fashion analysis, developing 3 outfits each for a final show catwalk presentation. In this unit they will apply their pattern cutting knowledge to independently construct garments. Recognizing the qualities in fabrics and innovative materials to achieve future textile solutions. Moreover, they will assemble an individual portfolio for the industry, engaging digital illustration practices.

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Raquel Lieven - Fashion Business

Marangoni’s Fashion Business course provided me with a real-time analysis of the fashion market as it grappled with the Covid pandemic. 

Download The Continuing Education Programs Brochure

Fashion courses are supported by lectures, workshops, and subject specific presentations by a faculty of professionals in the field. If participants have little or no previous experience but would like to become familiar with some of the key disciplines in the industry, or a specific area, there are a variety of levels and course durations to suit all preferences. Continuing education courses are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to the fashion industry, which may help in decision making for future in-depth study or career path development.

Complete your information and download the Brochure about the Degree programs and Fashion Courses. There are some experiences in life that lead to a radical transformation, where what comes after is light-years ahead of what preceded it. It is via such experiences, nurturing emotion and aspiration combined with academic rigor and expertise, that Istituto Marangoni participants have the opportunity to successfully navigate a stimulating, challenging, and productive future, and take their place amongst the stars. Studying at Istituto Marangoni provides such an experience, connecting skill and style at high-end international locations with an Italian imprint of history and culture, enriching talent and encouraging ambition.

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* These courses are not designed or intended to qualify its participants and graduates for employment. They are intended solely for the vocation, personal enrichment, and enjoyment of participants.

* Vocational level courses are not licensed by the Commission for Independent Education. These vocational short courses are not intended for employment purposes. 

What Subjects Are Needed To Become A Fashion Designer?

In order to become a fashion designer through our fashion design progressive program, students will establish a stable foundation in art and design to then apply additional supporting skills and techniques in pattern cutting, garment making, and collection design. The following courses are part of our one year fashion design program to develop and refine your skills: Fashion Design & Illustration, Fashion Design Collection, Cut And Construction, and Final Design.

How Can I Learn Basic Fashion Design? Can I Teach Myself?

Those who are interested in acquiring skills in fashion design are able to apply to our 1-Year fashion designing course where students will start learning introductory techniques advancing into more experienced concepts. Apart from that, the best way interested fashion designers can involve themselves in the industry is to learn about the industry first. Fashion is heavily influenced by changing trends but also its history, so it’s vital to research both. While fashion design can be self-taught, Istituto Marangoni Miami offers programs where students are guided through the processes and techniques to perfect their craft and guarantee them a place within the fashion industry at the completion of the course.

How Long Is A Fashion Design Course?

Each level in the fashion design program extends over 12 weeks. These garments fashion and design courses are offered in a series organized into four different levels ranging from introductory moving up towards advanced using all of the skills and concepts previously learned. The goal is for students to complete all four levels in order to finish the progressive fashion design program within one year.

Fashion Design

12-Week Progressive Courses in Fashion Design