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Palacio de Los Jugos Film

Fashion Styling students, in their final project, had the unique opportunity to capture the vibrant and authentic lifestyle of Miami. Embracing the city’s eclectic charm, the project showcased a dynamic fusion of wardrobe choices that embodied Miami’s fun-loving vibe. Models, who were also the producers, effortlessly exuded the essence of Miami as they casually embarked on a visit to the iconic ‘Palacio de los Jugos’ in South Miami—a must-visit for an authentic Miami experience. Adding to the allure of the shoot, students arranged for a sleek red Ferrari to accompany the juice run, epitomizing the quintessential Miami lifestyle. Throughout the project, students gained hands-on experience in every aspect of video production, from wardrobe selection and music to direction and storytelling, immersing themselves in the vibrant culture and energy of Miami.