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Youth Programs at Istituto Marangoni Miami

The fashion youth programs at Istituto Marangoni Miami are designed with the high school student in mind. Starting at 15 years old, students are able to attend the three available camps that The Miami School of Fashion offers: ‘My Fashion Experience,’ ‘My Portfolio Experience,’ and ‘My Atelier Experience.’ While the majority of campers attend the fashion summer camps, some also sign up for the annual ‘My Fashion Experience’ winter camp. Overall, the fashion camps provide the best experience for beginners as they discover their way into the world of fashion. With experienced faculty and immersive lessons, the young creatives are exposed to real life examples of fashion designing, styling, or business. The goal is for the students to familiarize themselves with the concepts of the industry prior to starting their college education to get a better idea of what they prefer to specialize in and expand their resume and portfolios for the future.

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Overview of the Fashion Youth Programs

The youth fashion classes at Istituto Marangoni Miami are not just a way to entertain during the breaks but also a way to take that first step into the fashion industry. Students are encouraged to absorb as much knowledge as possible while connecting with other students and the faculty to support the journey of their future careers. At the end of each program, participants will be awarded with a certificate of completion from Istituto Marangoni Miami. ‘My Fashion Experience’ is a two-week long course offered in several slots in the summer or one slot in the winter. Organized in a workshop based format with two 3-hour slots per day and an hour lunch in between, the lessons of this fashion program include: fashion system, fashion styling, draping workshop, fashion design, fashion business. By the end of the camp, students will organize a mini-runway show with the skills they’ve acquired over the two weeks.

‘My Portfolio Experience’ is a six-week long course offered during the school year either on-campus or online. This camp is hosted once a week on Saturdays for 3 hours, from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Students will experience lessons such as: fashion styling, fashion design, fashion business, portfolio creation. By the end of the six weeks, participants will be able to put together a complete portfolio with their own personal ideas and creative materials that expresses their individual style and creativity. ‘

My Atelier Experience’ is an eight-week long course offered during the school year. Organized to be one day a week on Saturdays, students will be actively learning the techniques of fashion design from 9:30am-12:30pm. The program lessons include: fashion trends, fabrics, fashion sketching, garment design. The focus of the atelier experience is on the sustainable and upcycling approach to fashion design while incorporating techniques like design, draping, styling, and digital marketing aspects.

Why Should I Attend a Youth Program at Istituto Marangoni Miami?

The fashion youth courses at Istituto Marangoni Miami provide high school students with the opportunity to gain experience in the fashion industry before they even graduate high school. Ranging from portfolio creation, garment designing, or learning the business behind the fashion industry, Marangoni’s youth camp courses provide young creatives with a chance to connect with fashion. This connection is not only made through the workshops but also with the accomplished faculty of Istituto Marangoni Miami. The fashion courses allow the students to discover their interests, spark creativity in their journey through fashion, and explore the industry all in one of the top fashion schools. At the end of the camp of choice, the students will have acquired the necessary resources to update their resumes and portfolios for college applications or professional opportunities.

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How Can I Apply for a Youth Program?

To apply to a fashion youth program, fill out and submit your application. From the drop down menu, make sure to select ‘youth programs.’ From there, choose the program of choice and the preferred camp time frame. Applicants must meet the minimum age requirements and be a high school student.


The total price of the ‘My Fashion Experience’ course is $2,950. This price also includes lunch for the fashion camper on the days they are present from Monday to Friday. The courses span over two weeks in the summer or winter. The ‘My Atelier Experience’ course has a total price of $750. This price includes one course per week on Saturdays, over the span of six weeks during the school year. The total price of the ‘My Portfolio Experience’ course is $500. This price includes one course per week on Saturdays, extending over eight weeks during the school year.



Valeria Gutierrez - My Fashion Experience Summer Camp

Studying at Marangoni was a dream for me, and being able to make it a reality was amazing. I want to study fashion design in college, and this program helped me realize how I can use my creativity to create very inspiring and cool things. 

Download the Youth Programs Brochure

Our fashion design classes for our youth programs are supported by lectures, workshops, and subject specific presentations by a faculty of professionals in the field. If participants have little or no previous experience but would like to become familiar with some of the key disciplines in the industry, or a specific area, there are a variety of levels and course durations to suit all preferences. Continuing education courses are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to the fashion industry, which may help in decision making for future in-depth study or career path development.

Complete your information and download the Brochure about the Degree programs and Fashion Courses. There are some experiences in life that lead to a radical transformation, where what comes after is light-years ahead of what preceded it. It is via such experiences, nurturing emotion and aspiration combined with academic rigor and expertise, that Istituto Marangoni participants have the opportunity to successfully navigate a stimulating, challenging, and productive future, and take their place amongst the stars. Studying at Istituto Marangoni provides such an experience, connecting skill and style at high-end international locations with an Italian imprint of history and culture, enriching talent and encouraging ambition.

Complete your information and download the brochure about our degree programs and online fashion courses with a certificate. Studying at Istituto Marangoni connects skill and style at high-end international locations, with an Italian imprint of history and culture, enriching talent and encouraging ambition.

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What Do You Learn in Fashion Youth Programs?

Marangoni’s youth programs allow young students the chance to delve into the world of fashion and learn about the industry through either creating a portfolio, designing a collection, or a combination of it all. ‘My Portfolio Experience’ focuses on the process of establishing a professional fashion portfolio for those students who wish to express their creative ideas and individualistic styles. ‘My Atelier Experience’ is catered to students who want to advance their skills in design and garment construction to bring their ideas to life. ‘My Fashion Experience’ is a combination of everything – students will learn the aspects of fashion design, styling and business to understand the roles of the fashion industry.

What is the Best Youth Program?

All of the Istituto Marangoni youth programs are fulfilling in the way that students will receive a comprehensive introduction and understanding of the concepts of the fashion industry whether concentrating on design, styling, or business. With a hands-on approach, participants of the camps will be fully immersed in the lessons to develop their own designs and bring them to life. The goal of the camps is to introduce young highschool students to the world of fashion to help them discover their passions while also establishing their portfolios and resumes for college applications or future professional opportunities.

How Long are the Youth Programs?

Depending on the choice of program, the time-frame ranges from two weeks, six weeks, or eight weeks. ‘My Fashion Experience’ is a 2-week camp available in the summer or winter. ‘My Portfolio Experience’ is a 6-week camp available during the school year either on-campus or online for one day a week on Saturdays. ‘My Atelier Experience’ is an eight-week camp also available during the school year for one day a week on Saturdays.

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