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International Fashion School Integrating Metaverse

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International Fashion School Integrating Metaverse

The First International Fashion School integrating Metaverse into their Admission Processes will launch a Scholarship Contest on ZEPETO App 

ISTITUTO MARANGONI MIAMI (IMM)–  Istituto Marangoni Miami, the Miami School of Fashion is announcing its partnership with ZEPETO, an app and social media platform where users personalize avatars and create virtual worlds.

Zepeto Studio, which has previously partnered with Gucci and Louboutin, a virtual economy platform that allows people to create and sell digital items, will empower Istituto Marangoni Miami students to launch a fashion collection as part of the classes on product development during the 2021 Fall Semester.

Stephen Iacullo, IMM Campus Director, says “This is an extremely cutting edge partnership between Fashion and Tech. Istituto Marangoni Miami is the forerunner in doing innovative partnerships with different industries. We take pride in partnering up with companies to push the future of fashion".

The School is outlining a roadmap for fashion education that challenges students to re-think fashion and stay connected in a real and virtual world. Fashion students are experimenting with new formats of learning, including upcycling materials for new pieces, reshaping their design process with 3D garment simulation, and now creating fashion styles in a virtual environment.

"Our partnership with Istituto Marangoni Miami will be one of our first collaborations with the academic world, and we’re very excited to invite future fashion designers into the metaverse." - Rudy Lee. Chief Strategy Officer at ZEPETO.

The partnerships will involve a virtual map of Istituto Marangoni Miami’s campus. A dream space for avatars to explore and play in its 7-floor luxury building, located in the heart of the Miami Design District.

Hakan Baykam, IMM President and CEO, says, “We are seeing how Miami is becoming a fashion hub and we are teaching the next generation of fashion leaders to reinvent the fashion industry. In partnership with Zepeto, our young creativity will open the doors to another experience level for students, consumers, and brands.”

In their efforts to bring emerging trend-minded talents to express their creativity, the two companies will provide a scholarship award where hundreds of users will have the opportunity to participate in a fashion contest for a chance to start their fashion career at Istituto Marangoni Miami.

Francis Martinez, IMM Director of Corporate Partnerships, says “It is fascinating to see companies working together in an era where user experience matters more than a label. The extension of 3D fashion items are helping brands  measure the success of their collections before sourcing, manufacturing and beyond. Can this become a tool for the fashion supply chain to reduce fast fashion?” Martinez said.

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About  Istituto Marangoni Miami
Istituto Marangoni has been in the industry for 86 years. As one of the best Fashion Design Schools with highly qualified faculty, combining European instructors and prominent local professionals, the school offers a two-year Associate of Arts in Fashion Studies, four-year Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Business, a Master’s in Fashion & Luxury Brand Management, as well as a number of continuing education courses and youth programs.


ZEPETO is a metaverse providing the next generation with freedom of identity in the virtual space. ZEPETO is most popular among Generation Z, who express themselves while meeting, collaborating, and creating with others. Leaders in the entertainment and fashion industry have partnered with us to reach the next generation who socialize, entertain, and consume content on ZEPETO. ZEPETO is developed by NaverZ Corp. NaverZ Corp was launched in 2018.

For more information please contact:
Francis Martinez - Director of Corporate Partnerships
786 328 2692

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