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Interior Design

12-Week Progressive Courses in Interior Design

One-Year Interior Design Program at Istituto Marangoni Miami

The one-year interior design program at Istituto Marangoni Miami ensures students with a successful future in the design industry and at an accelerated pace. Marangoni interior design students are prepared to learn the vital skills to successfully thrive in the world of design and form creative ideas supported by vital research and analytical reasoning based on varying factors. Students studying interior design are also provided with a hands-on education to fully grasp the subject and acquire experience for potential future opportunities. Ranging in several levels, the interior styling courses advance students starting from introduction lessons to more sophisticated concepts in the time frame of one year.

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Why Should I Attend the One-Year Interior Design Program at Istituto Marangoni Miami?

The interior design program at Istituto Marangoni Miami strives to provide students with a full understanding of the important home design methods while also thinking of critical and analytical approaches to reach innovative and creative solutions. At the end of the program, students receive a diploma proving their completion. The interior design courses also give you the opportunity to network with other design students and experienced faculty, plus work together with top brands.

How Will I Learn in the One-Year Interior Design Program?

The interior design one-year program is organized in four levels ranging from introductory themes to more advanced topics of the industry. Each of the four levels of the interior design courses extend over 12 weeks in order to provide a personalized learning experience for students based on their knowledge and progress. To better cater to the needs of students, the class sizes are limited to a maximum of 15 students.

Structure of the Interior Design One-Year Program

The interior design program consists of discovering more advanced drawing skills to create layouts plus also incorporating lighting, illumination, mood boards, color palettes, and material boards to further develop project ideas for project renderings. To prepare students for professional environments, the home designing courses encompass a range of ideas from a foundational level to specialized approaches.

Level 1: Interior Architectural Design Fundamentals

Introduction to the fundamental components of interior projects considering space, form, and other design elements using basic representation and expression methods in hand drawing, sketching, and technical drawing. Students will also learn the history of art, design, and visual culture.

Level 2: Interior Design, Projects & Process

Manage ideas and inspiration to meet needs while also considering contemporary approaches to trends and research such as for suitable colors, materials, or finishes. Students in this course will develop an interior design project with guided help and receive an introduction to 3D drawing to help in the presentation of ideas along with rendering techniques and hand-drawn coloring.

Level 3: Contemporary Project Unit

Extend the knowledge of interior design project development through fundamental research and analysis to formulate and emphasize project ideas and direction. Students will be supported through this process with the acquisition of investigative and representational tools.

Level 4: Interior Design Defined Unit

Connect with design components of interior projects based on user-centered experience. Examine the architectural interpretation of sensorial design intention through the use of materials, lighting, and color. Students will learn how to complete the process combining specific functional and technical scenarios.

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Potential Careers with the One-Year Interior Design Program

This one-year interior design program introduces the roles of fashion in both a creative sense and a business point of view through technical approaches to interpret projects and provide creative and innovative ideas. Careers involving interior design could branch into diverse professional practices in critical and analytical approaches or more creative perspectives. There are roles in the industry that combine the essential skills that are necessary to be successful in the industry such as:

  • Interior Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Technical Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Project Manager

How Can I Apply for the One-Year Interior Design Program?

To begin the process of studying interior design at Istituto Marangoni Miami as a student in the one-year program, submit an application before the start date you’d like to enroll in – January, April, July, or October.


When completing your application, please make sure to select “Progressive Level Courses” from the program drop-down list if interested in participating in each course level individually. From the list, choose your desired program of study with the respective level ranging from 1 through 4. Finally, choose the ideal state date for the course. If your plan is to complete all four levels, when filling out your application select “One-Year Accelerated Courses” from the drop-down menu. Follow this by choosing the desired subject of study and the ideal program start date.


The cost of the Interior Design One-Year Program is $9,500 USD per level and includes a non-refundable registration fee. $1,000 USD will be reduced from the full price if the online application is completed by the deadline date. A payment plan can be arranged, but the remaining amount should be paid in full 60 days prior to the chosen course start date.


To complete your registration the following documents are needed:

  • Copy of your ID (Driver’s License or Passport)
  • Resume (CV)


If a student visa is required to attend Istituto Marangoni Miami, the following documents are necessary in order to issue your M1 student visa:

  • Copy of Passport
  • International address
  • Bank extract with at least double the amount of the program cost

If the bank extract belongs to a family member, a sponsor letter from the bank is required declaring financial responsibility for the student during their enrollment time at Marangoni. Once the visa documents have been submitted and an M1 student visa form has been received, the following steps must be completed to issue the student visa:

  • Make an appointment with the embassy
  • Pay the I-901 fee and take the receipt to the embassy
  • Go to the appointment - there the M1 Visa will either be accepted or denied

Note: For those applying as international students, an English test is required for acceptance. Students are allowed a maximum of two attempts for a passing score at no charge, after the second attempt the program will require a form of payment. English test results should be sent to the representative who has been or will be in contact with you via email.

What Are The Benefits Of Completing The Interior Design Courses At Istituto Marangoni Miami?

The Miami School of Fashion is widely recognized as a top provider of internships and professional opportunities for students and graduates to work with well-known names of the industry. The one-year interior design program covers current circumstances affecting the industry like sustainability issues and will prepare students for real-world situations. The classes are designed to be immersive for students for them to acquire hands-on experience for developing their own individual ideas. Plus, at an advanced pace, students are able to finish the program in the span of one year and receive an official diploma of completion from the fashion institute. Istituto Marangoni Miami’s interior design courses and other programs provide students with the assets to establish strategic methods and transfer them into professional environments. Currently, our Marangoni students have had the opportunity to participate in events such as:

  • Miami Art Basel
  • Chanel Cruise Collection Runway Show
  • National and International Fashion Weeks
  • Paraiso Miami Beach - Miami Swim Week
  • Special guest visits, partnerships, and much more!

Interior Design Courses Price

Programs Total Per Level - In Person
Interior Design Courses $9500

The cost of the courses includes a non-refundable registration fee. $1,000 will be reduced from the full price if the online application is completed by the deadline date. A payment plan can be arranged, but the remaining amount should be paid in full 60 days prior to the chosen course start date.




This course introduces participants to the fundamental components of an interior project including space, form, and design elements. Basic representation and expression skills will be developed including hand drawing and sketching, as well as primary software programs for CAD technical drawing. Participants will also study the history of art, design and visual culture, to encourage creative thinking and increase their overall appreciation of the field. 

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– 12 weeks



In this unit, students will extend their knowledge of interior design project development. The fundamental role of research and analysis in the formulation of project ideas and direction will be emphasised. The acquisition of investigative and representational tools will support this process.


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In this course participants will be guided in developing an interior design project. Ideas and inspiration will be managed through a controlled process to meet your needs while also considering a contemporary approach to trends and research. Suitable colors, materials and finishes will be explored and selected for your projects. An introduction to 3-dimensional drawing in CAD together with hand-drawn coloring and rendering techniques will assist in the presentation of ideas.

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– 12 weeks



In this unit, the students will connect the design components of the interior project with user-centered experience. The architectural interpretation of a sensorial design intention will be examined through the coordinated use of materials, lighting, and colour. This process will be combined with examination of specific functional (and technical) scenarios dedicated to the project space of a wellness spa.

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Raquel Lieven - Fashion Business

Marangoni’s Fashion Business course provided me with a real-time analysis of the fashion market as it grappled with the Covid pandemic. 

Download The Continuing Education Programs Brochure

Fashion courses are supported by lectures, workshops, and subject specific presentations by a faculty of professionals in the field. If participants have little or no previous experience but would like to become familiar with some of the key disciplines in the industry, or a specific area, there are a variety of levels and course durations to suit all preferences. Continuing education courses are also the perfect ‘taster’ or introduction to the fashion industry, which may help in decision making for future in-depth study or career path development.

Complete your information and download the Brochure about the Degree programs and Fashion Courses. There are some experiences in life that lead to a radical transformation, where what comes after is light-years ahead of what preceded it. It is via such experiences, nurturing emotion and aspiration combined with academic rigor and expertise, that Istituto Marangoni participants have the opportunity to successfully navigate a stimulating, challenging, and productive future, and take their place amongst the stars. Studying at Istituto Marangoni provides such an experience, connecting skill and style at high-end international locations with an Italian imprint of history and culture, enriching talent and encouraging ambition.

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* These courses are not designed or intended to qualify its participants and graduates for employment. They are intended solely for the vocation, personal enrichment, and enjoyment of participants.

* Vocational level courses are not licensed by the Commission for Independent Education. These vocational short courses are not intended for employment purposes. 

What Is A Short Interior Design Course?

A short interior design course is a one-year program where each level course (out of four) are each 12 weeks long. The courses enable students to learn key skills for the industry and explore the complex but inspiring world of interior design.

What Do You Learn In Interior Design Courses?

Interior design courses are designed to encourage and guide students to develop critical and analytical approaches in order to interpret design projects and provide the base for personal creative solutions. The overall goal of these courses is to introduce the exciting and complex world of interior design focused on design methods and skills to provide a logical experience on contemporary interior design through basic drawing skills, configuration of space, choice of materials, colors, and finishes, incorporation of lighting, among other concepts.

What Courses Should You Take For Interior Design?

The progressive interior design program is arranged in four different courses ranging from introductory to advanced levels. The courses are as follows: Interior Architectural Design Fundamentals, Interior Design, Projects & Process, Contemporary Project Unit, and Interior Design Defined Unit.

How Long Is A Progressive Interior Design Course?

Each course level of the progressive interior design program covers over 12 weeks. These courses are offered in a set of four levels ranging from introductory and moving up to more advanced ideas with the skills and techniques previously learned. The progressive interior design program is arranged so that students are able to complete the four levels in the span of one year.