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Digital Communication
& Social Media Strategy Online

The MA in Digital Communication & Social Media Strategy is for professionals who are involved in many areas of the fashion system and those playing a very important role inside Fashion Houses, from creative direction, strategic positioning, communication planning and social media management.

The Digital Revolution is strongly impacting the Fashion Industry, generating a strong increase in professionalism, attention to engagement measurement and an incredible fragmentation of the traditional touch points, creating new, challenging, professional opportunities.

This postgraduate level course trains participants to anticipate and respond to developments in social media management, immersive digital experiences, creative direction and new digital consumer behaviors.

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Through the exploration of the major theories and debates that dominate the contemporary fashion industry, they learn how the impact of digital technologies has changed the face of consumer engagement and this program looks at finding the right balance between different strategic and immersive activities, together with tools including viral platforms, social media, and using video and virtual reality to engage with final clients and intermediaries.

With a mix of lectures, real simulation projects, industry testimonials and written and oral practice, students will get an advanced and up-to-date knowledge of the digital languages, tools and process.

Participants will develop the intellectual skills to understand how technological advances and emergence of new platforms are changing the way brands and consumers communicate and interact, as well as being encouraged to evaluate the role of creativity in digital advertising and assess creative strategies and execution choices of different campaigns on a variety of social media platforms.

Along with professional direct links with fashion companies, industry projects and guest speakers all contribute to provide a detailed insight into the realities, and the opportunities, of social media management and digital communication.

The Master of Arts in Digital Communication & Social Media Strategy degree aims to provide an advanced and up-to-date knowledge of the role of social media platforms and how they are changing engagement between brands and consumers, specifically for the fashion and luxury goods industries.

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This program is aimed at participants that have previous undergraduate level study or similar, or proven work experience, completing the course with skills in social media management for the fashion and luxury industries, with the ability to apply key digital communication channels and theories across all written, virtual and social media campaigns.

Over the course of 1.5 years participants are taught how to motivate, create desire, and build consumer engagement through omni-channel strategies channels in social media, digital campaigns, and communication in order to meet the expectations of a luxury brand’s global vision and strategy.

Program Title: Digital Communication and Social Media Strategy
Credential Issued: Master Of Arts
Program Delivery: Online
Program Length Credit Hours: 36


Digital Communication & Social Media Strategy Online



Clark Rosen - MA Luxury & Fashion Brand Management

When I decided to study at Marangoni Miami I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, and the course helped me fine-tune it until I was ready to launch my own swimwear brand.

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